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The Priestess CEO

Apr 29, 2019

Join Jessica as she interviews successful health coach and autoimmune expert, Dr. Maggie Yu, on how she’s built a wildly successful online coaching program, putting 200 people through her program in just 1.5 years.  Maggie and I discuss the “breastfeeding model” of codependency that is often created within a coach-client relationship and how this stems from the “disease to please,” and what you need to differently starting immediately!
You’re going to love how she shares her fiery no-nonsense advice and gory stories from the trenches of being a Feminine CEO who gets things done, while building a company based on her true values.  This is by far the episode to listen to if you’ve been struggling to scale past the million-dollar mark and you need a kick in the pants so you can get out of your own way and create a powerful CEO mindset, and leave people-pleasing in the dust.
My favorite quotes from Dr. Maggie in this episode are:

"When you’re people-pleasing, “You attract people you can’t possibly serve”

“The most important work we do is to actually invite and enroll the right client”

“The first work you that you have to do is in yourself”

“If you know your own worth, then it changes your motives”

“I teach people how to fish, I don’t just throw fish at them”

“Pleasing is what ties your hands”


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